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Other Wanted Clocks

Selling faience clocks?

The Clockarium wants to buy more art deco ceramic clocks to improve its collection.
Here are some of the ceramic clocks from other countries that we are willing to buy or exchange.

bbb_xs1 craq_2_perruches craq_9595a ge_2_lions_bruns
bbb_xs1.jpg craq_2_perruches... craq_9595a.jpg ge_2_lions_bruns...
schramberg_1 wittenberg_378_avec_vases xxx_104 xxx_434
schramberg_1.jpg wittenberg_378_a... xxx_104.jpg xxx_434.jpg
xxx_gres xxx_x3 xxx_x5  
xxx_gres.jpg xxx_x3.jpg xxx_x5.jpg


If you want to sell some art deco faience clocks (or exchange them), please contact our curator or send him an email with photographs.

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