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Unidentified clocks

>> Help us finding the origin of our Unidentified Faience Clocks

The origin of some of our faience clocks is still a mystery.

For some, the ceramic manufacturer is identified but we still need more information (i.e. Elsterwerda, Wittenberg, S&G, AK...).

For some others, our clocks can be classified into families by observing similarities, but the ceramic manufacturers remain unidentified.
In most cases however, we can guess their country of origin.

Here follow the description and photos of the clocks for which we still need more info.
Should you have any, we would be really grateful if you could communicate it to us,
by contacting our curator or by sending us an email. Your help will be rewarded!

>> Unidentified German Clocks

Elsterwerda clocks

We are searching more information on the German ceramic maker Elsterwerda and on the mantel clocks it produced.
Click here for details.

Wittenberg Clocks

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Post-war German clocks: AK (Alfred Klein Keramik?), S&G (Scheurich & Greulich) & Kunst Keramik (KK)

We think that these faience clocks were produced after 1945 by different German manufacturers.
They sometimes have a metallic sticker with one of the following inscriptions:
- AK: does it stand for Alfred Klein Keramik in Ransbach?
- S&G stands for Scheurich & Greulich in Kleinheubach. Were they the wholesaler of these clocks or their producer?
- Kunst Keramik: what does it stand for?
Click here for more info.

Unidentified "bbb" clocks

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>> Unidentified Czech Clocks

Under construction...

>> Other Unidentified Clocks

Unidentified "kkk" clocks

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"JS Austria" clocks - Josef Strnact Junior

Click here for more info.

>> Unidentified Belgian Clocks

Under construction...

>> French Clocks

The sculptor Bohumil Rezl in Villenauxe

b_rezl_0463_100p b_rezl_0467_100p b_rezl_0468_100p Click here for more info.


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