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Wanted Czech Clocks

Czech clocks for sale ?

Our Museum wishes to buy more art deco ceramic clocks to improve its collection.
This page shows a sample of some of the Czech ceramic clocks that we would like to buy or exchange.

bihl_3313_3_wdb3 bihl_3323_3_wdb1 bihl_3569_tigre_elephant bihl_x1_pigeon
bihl_3313_3_wdb3... bihl_3323_3_wdb1... bihl_3569_tigre_... bihl_x1_pigeon.jpg
gerda_vases ppp_255 ppp_375 ppp_384_avec_vases
gerda_vases.jpg ppp_255.jpg ppp_375.jpg ppp_384_avec_vas...
ppp_477 ppp_546_wdb1 ppp_564_wdb2 ppp_574
ppp_477.jpg ppp_546_wdb1.jpg ppp_564_wdb2.jpg ppp_574.jpg
ppp_673 ppp_695_vases ppp_696 ppp_698_wdb1
ppp_673.jpg ppp_695_vases.jpg ppp_696.jpg ppp_698_wdb1.jpg
ppp_861_wdb2_vases ppp_957_wdb2 ppp_f_wdb1 ppp_x1_wdb3_vases
ppp_861_wdb2_vas... ppp_957_wdb2.jpg ppp_f_wdb1.jpg ppp_x1_wdb3_vase...
ppp_xs1 ppp_xs2 ppp_xs3 ppp_xxx_decors
ppp_xs1.jpg ppp_xs2.jpg ppp_xs3.jpg ppp_xxx_decors.jpg
ppp_xxx_wdb4 ppps1_164_wdb2 pppx_222 pppx_298_avec_vases
ppp_xxx_wdb4.jpg ppps1_164_wdb2.jpg pppx_222.jpg pppx_298_avec_va...
pppx_xs1 xxx_04    
pppx_xs1.jpg xxx_04.jpg


Kindly contact our curator or send him a photo by email if you wish to sell an art deco faience clock (or exchange it),

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