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Wanted Belgian Clocks

Belgian clocks to sell or exchange?

The Clockarium may buy the art deco ceramic clocks you want to sell, to improve its collection.
Here are some examples of Belgian art deco ceramic clocks that we would like to buy or exchange.

amc_169_wdb5_decors amc_2xx_wdb4_vases amc_318_avec_vases amc_3xx_wdb4_decors
amc_169_wdb5_dec... amc_2xx_wdb4_vas... amc_318_avec_vas... amc_3xx_wdb4_dec...
belgium_397 dubois_700_avec_vases ft_xxx_pigeons inconnue_104
belgium_397.jpg dubois_700_avec_... ft_xxx_pigeons.jpg inconnue_104.jpg
jemappes_cubo marbre_cubo_wdb3 mw_xxx_decors mw_xxx_wdb4
jemappes_cubo.jpg marbre_cubo_wdb3... mw_xxx_decors.jpg mw_xxx_wdb4.jpg
thulin_19 xxx_j_eick    
thulin_19.jpg xxx_j_eick.jpg


If you want to sell or exchange an art deco ceramic clock, please contact the curator of our Museum or send him an email with a photo of the piece.

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