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>> Ceramics :

  • A site devoted to the amazing collection of art deco ceramics with abstract airbrushed decors of Dutch collector Wil de Boed:
  • Echo of Decois a contemporary British design studio creating an expanding collection of fine handmade studio ceramics,
    inspired by the exciting geometric Art Deco designs of the 1920/30s Jazz Age:
  • If you speak French and want to know more on Belgian ceramics and faience factories, consult
The Official Website of the US Czech Collector's Association, Dedicated to Austrian, Bohemian, and Czechoslovakian Decorative Arts:

They publish an excellent magazine on ceramics and glassware...

>> Clocks :

  • : If you are looking for antique clocks, or a collectors' clock....
    If you need an estimate, or to buy or have restored an old clock...
    If you appreciate horology, or, more particularly, antique clock...

>> Museums and cultural websites:

>> Various:

Recent GreenFacts Digests:
Provided by GreenFacts
  • See also, a website presenting some environmental aspects of forestry and forest depletion.
  • : the website of Peter Menzies, a contemporary artist, sculptor, cabinet-maker and designer of original art furniture. More...
  • : the website of Charlotte d'Aspremont, a great Belgian artist painting truly amazing portraits...
  • superb photos of the underwater world...
  • Save the oceans: see the Marine Stewardship Council to find out where you can buy MSC-labelled seefoods -
    which are fished without depleting the fishstocks and endangering the future of the marine live.
  • The website of Simone Swan, who is developing environmentally-friendly owner-built adobe housing in the desert of West Texas and Northern Mexico.
    Such houses are inexpensive to build and ideal for desert or semi-desert regions: they remain reasonably cool in the winter and warm in the winter...
  • : a website against lawsuit abuse which is killing the USA...
  • Sick of being spammed?
    Webmasters, go on to generate a crypted code that makes your email address invisible to spammers on your website.

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  • The Clockarium is the Museum of the Ceramic Clock.
    It specializes in the faience Art Deco mantel clock which in the 1920s was the first timepiece affordable to everyone.
    More than a thousand clocks displayed in a stylish Art Deco house testify to this amazing time art.
    Must see!
  • The Clockarium, Museum of the Ceramic Clock, specialized in the faience Art Deco mantel clock...
    Simply amazing!

  • The Clockarium, Museum of the Art Deco Ceramic Clock:

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