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What is GreenFacts ?

Well, if you are concerned with health and environment issues, but don't trust what you read about it because it is too often biased, GreenFacts is JUST FOR YOU : it publishes on the "GreenFacts Digests", which are faithful summaries of authoritative scientific consensus publications, in a language for non-specialists.

These GreenFacts summaries are nicely presented as Q&As in an original 3-level structure of increasing details... which means you can quickly find all the information you need, without having to read dozens of lengthy pages.

All GreenFacts Digests are unbiased and free of political agenda. They are peer-reviewed by expert from independent scientific institutions and approved for publication by the GreenFacts Scientific Board, composed of top level scientists.

Recent GreenFacts publications:
Provided by GreenFacts

The following GreenFacts Digests are now available:

... and many more to come!

GreenFacts has also created some other websites:

  • presents environmental aspects on forestry and forest depletion in the GreenFacts 3-level structure of increasing details.

Enjoy it !

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Updated: January 14, 2023