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German 50s ceramic clocks

The faience clocks on these page are rather similar in style.
They were produced in Germany, probably just after World War II, by different manufacturers.
They generally come with a brown glaze, but sometimes also with other decors including running glazes.
They sometimes have a model number or "Germany" engraved on their base
Some bear a metallic sticker with "AK",  "S&G" or "Kunst Keramik".
We now have some limited information on two of their manufacturers.
But we are still eager to learn more.

AK Keramik Clocks: Alfred Klein Keramik in Ransbach?

The ceramic clocks models below sometimes bear a metallic sticker "AK" or "AK Keramik".
Some of them have a model numbers engraved on their base, ranging from 404 to 414.
We have attributed to the others a model number ranging from x1 to x9.

According to some unconfirmed web sources, AK Keramik clocks were produced by the company Alfred Klein Keramik in Ransbach (a town between Bonn and Frankfurt, now merged with Baumbach since 1969). It was founded by Alfred Klein in 1934 and it closed in the 1980s.

Its production included coffee and tea pots, jugs, cans, vases and, probably, these clocks.
In the 1930s and 1940s, it made wide use of running glaze, which then was very popular.

Found only 
on elephant x3

Found on some other models
Found on some models


S&G Clocks: Scheurich & Greulich in Kleinheubach

The clocks below sometimes have an "S&G" or "S&G Keramik" metallic sticker.
Many of them have a model number engraved on their base, ranging from 701 to 733.

The S&G stickers are from Scheurich & Greulich, a company founded in 1928 by Alois Scheurich and his cousin Fridolin Greulich. It started as a wholesaler in glass, porcelain and ceramics. In 1938, it settled in Kleinheubach (70 km southeast of Frankfurt am Main).

Around 1950, it started its own production of household ceramics, including vases, tableware and ashtrays. In 1953 or 1954, it stopped it wholesale operations to focus on its own ceramic production. It is probably around then that it changed its name to Scheurich only.

Following heydays in the 50s, 60s and 70s, Scheurich GmbH & Co. KG has now grown to a 300 employees company. It has specialized in flower vases and plant pots. Since 2012, it also produces a wide range of plastic receptacles. (

Some evidence indicates that our S&G clocks were manufactured by Scheurich & Greulich's own factory in the 1950s,
although we can't exclude that some may have been manufactured by another factory and distributed by Scheurich & Greulich.


s_g_701 s_g_703

s_g_705 s_g_706 s_g_709_47 s_g_710
s_g_713 s_g_719 s_g_720 s_g_728
s_g_730_deer s_g_730_lions s_g_731 s_g_733


Kunst Keramik (KK) Clocks


This ceramic clock in the only one we have with a "Kunst Keramik" metallic sticker.
It does not have a model number.

We however have a few other similar clocks with a similar black-on-green running glaze.
We think they may well have been produced by a same (unidentified) factory.



Help us !

We are very interested in any additional information you could have concerning these ceramic clocks and their manufacturer, including:

  • Is the information we provide here correct?
  • When exactly were these clocks produced? For which markets?
  • Who produced the "Kunst Keramik" clocks?
  • ...

We would be really grateful if you could send any additional information to our curator
Thank you very much.

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