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Sculptor B. Rezl in Villenauxe

"Sculptor Bohumil REZL, born on 17/09/1899 in Czechoslovakia, arrived in Paris in 1926.
He settled in Villenauxe-la-Grande (French department of Aube, 70km East of Paris), and worked in the faience factory till 1951.
He was a passionate of astronomy and spoke several languages.
His sculpture production is now sought after."

Source: "150 ans de cramique Villenauxe", according to an email of Mrs Jeanne Aubert.

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Bohumil Rezl created a few art deco ceramic clock models, often signed "B. Rezl" (see photo below).
They were produced by the "Manufacture de Villenauxe" probably after WWII.
Below are the ones to be seen in our Museum in Brussels.  

b_rezl_0463_100p b_rezl_0467_100p b_rezl_0468_100p b_rezl_stamp_0469_100p
b_rezl_0463_100p... b_rezl_0467_100p... b_rezl_0468_100p... B. Rezl signature

More information on our page in French...

Below are some photos of B. Rezl terracotta sent by our readers:


b_rezl_terracotta_cachet femme_panier__face femme_panier_dos statuette_sanson

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Updated: September 23, 2019