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Elsterwerda art deco ceramic clocks

In 1900, Mr. Korsukewiez founded the ceramic manufacture "Steingutfabrik Elsterwerda GmbH" in the small German industrial town of Elsterwerda,
in Prussia, at the confluent of rivers  Pulsnitz and Black Elster. It employed up to 200 people in the twenties and thirties.
In the 1990s, it was called "Elsterwerda-Keramik GmbH" and produced tableware, employing about 40 people.
It went bankrupt  in 2003.

Elsterwerda produced some ceramic clocks in the art deco period :

  • Their decor is typical of  the mid-thirties and use the airbrushed stencil technique

  • A decor number is generally stamped under the clock, as a 3 or 4 digits number preceded with "U." 

  • Their model number, ranging from 650 to 1125, is embossed under the clock.

  • The "Eslterwerda" stamp on the right is found under our clocks model #654.

elst_1112 elst_1125 elst_650_1 elst_650_2
elst_653 elst_654 elst_930 elst_937


We are very interested in any additional information that you could provide us on these art deco ceramic clocks and the Elsterwerda manufacture, including:

  • When exactly were these art deco clocks produced ?
  • For which markets were they targeted ?
  • Did Elsterwerda produce some other clock models ? How many ? When ? Which numbers ?
  • ...

We would be really grateful if you could send more information to our curator
We will add it ASAP onto this page.
Thank you very much. 

Please note that this page contains all the information we have and will be updated as soon as we get more.
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