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Creating a really striking interior decoration?

Looking for an amazing decoration for a fashionable businessmen coffee shop?
Decorating the lounge of an art deco hotel or it's bar?
Needing to decorate a nouvelle cuisine gourmet restaurant?
Searching a interior decoration idea for a wall of a luxury fast-food?
Having to create an atmosphere in a traditional beer cafe?
Arranging a different business lounge in an airport?

Then, think of renting our art deco ceramic clocks as an interior decoration.

The Clockarium Museum has over 2000 art deco ceramic mantel clocks just sitting in its reserves.
They are waiting to become your choice wall decoration dragging the crowds into your new fashionable place...
at a reasonable price!

Our art deco ceramic clocks could be considered for all sorts of interiors:
restaurants, bars, cafes, airport lounge, hotel lobby, trade fair, coffee shop, art deco building...

Not only can we lease our spare clocks as interior decoration (for a few days as for many years),
but also we can provide assistance in selecting the clocks best fitting the atmosphere you want to create.
We can also help you arranging them on your walls in a most harmonious fashion.


For more information, please contact our curator or send us an email.

The Clockarium Museum in Brussels, Belgium

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Updated: January 14, 2023